Change Order

You can’t make any changes to order information on the left. If you want to cancel the order you click
the red cross right under the reference field. The things you can change in the order are:

    Comments: You can apply information of special handling with products or required

    Address: You can make changes to name, zipcode or other address information.

    Shipping: You can choose for Cash on delivery or delivery at a parcelshop. Both options are
    only possible with PostNL as a transporter.

    Administrative: first the additional costs for this order are filled in. When the shipment is
    invoiced the definitive costs are filled in.

    Geo Location: You will see streetview en maps of the delivery address.

    Orderlines: You can cancel orderlines by clicking on the red cross on the right side of de
    orderline itself. You can add lines with ‘new’ to add products to this order.


When you fill in the EAN/UPC or SKU-code at search the found product are visible in the dropdown.
Choose the correct item and fill in the amount. Save the product and when you are ready with
changing the order you must save the whole order.