Edit Article

To make changes in an article you first need to open the article by clicking on the magnifying glass. You will then find yourself in the change article environment


Name: The name of the product
Article number: The number your product connect with to your web shop.
Articlecode: The product article code.
SKU: This number is given to the product by your manufacturer.
Category: This is standard: customer products.
Shop: In case you own more than one webshop you can select the shop the product belongs to.
Blocked: When an article is inactive you select ‘blocked’. This product can’t be used for as long blocked is selected.
Stock: This is your current stock of the product in the warehouse.
Reserved: The amount of this product in open, ready for picking or backorders in our system.

Puchase price: The purchase price of an item.
Retail price: The retail price of an item.

In case the article is a combination of two or more products you need to select: set as a combination product?

Desciption: Possibility for description of the product.

Stock summary:
An overview of:

  • Expected inbound shipments on this item.
  • Available stock
  • Not available stock (due to issues or research of the product)
  • Reserved stock.

Expected inbound shipments:
An overview of the registered expected inbound shipments for this specific article. You can also see
the amount you expect.

Send orders:
An overview of the last 20 shipments with this article and the amount send in the shipment.

Send Details:
Mandatory packing: When there is a mandatory packaging for a product you need so select this. For
example when an item is fragile and needs a specific packing for shipment.
Serial number registration?: Some items include serial numbers. You select this if you want them to
be registered by our warehouse.

Report to minimum?: If you select report to minimum you will receive an e-mail or SMS when the
stock had reached the minimum amount.
Minimum stock: The minimum amount for the report to minimum.
Contact way: Select the way you want to be reported. Options are e-mail or SMS.

After changing always save the product to comfirm the changes.