Manage Articles

At product management you will find an overview of your products. Shown in the overview is the
name, EAN/UPC, SKU, and amount of stock available in our warehouse. You can search on all these
information to filter the overview.

Registration number: The number our system connect to your product. This code is unique.

Name: Name of the product.

Article number: The number your platform links to this product.

Web shop number: The number your product is connected to you web shop with.

SKU: The code the manufacturer gave the product.

EAN/UPC: The scanable code on the product.

Additional Barcode: Some products have more than one scan code.

Stock: The amount of the product in stock.

Reserved: The amount of this product ordered but not yet handled. This happens with backorders, open
orders and ready for picking orders.

M: This means Master product. When you own more web shops but sell the same articles on both shops
there is one master article. The other(same)product is connected to this master article as slave article.

2X: This is a slave article. This article is always connected with a master article, because it is the same
product as the master, only registered in a different web shop. A slave article never has its own stock.

logo “tag”: This is a combination product. This means that 2 or more(of the same of different) products
together create one combined product that customers can order in the webshop. A combination product
can never have its own stock. The stock will be on every unique product inside the combination.

Magnifying glass: To open the product you you need to click on the magnifying glass. Here you can find
all the information about the product.