Manage Orders

Here you will find the thermal baths that you see on this page.

E-number: the number linked from e-warehouse to your order.
Reference: the reference of the order from your own shop
customer reference: site for additional reference or information
Status: the status of your order divided into:

    - Backorder:
    The products in this order are not on stock so this one can’t be send at this moment. You can
    make changes in the order while the status is backorder.

    – Open:
    The orders had just loaded into e-warehouse. You still can make changes in the order in this

    – Ready for picking:
    The order is now visible for our warehouse en will be picked in batches. You can’t make any
    changes in the order without contacting customer support.

    – In the picking process:
    Our warehouse is handling this order. Even when you contact customer support, there can’t
    be any changes for this order anymore.

    – Ready for shipping:
    The order is ready for shipping;

    – Shipped:
    The order has been shipped and will be delivered soon.

    – Finished:
    The order has been shipped and invoiced.

Track & Trace: When you click on the URL you will be linked directly to the track and trace page of
the transporter.
Delivery date: This is the expected delivery date for the shipment.
Printerlogo: When the status of the order is ‘open’ or ‘backorder’ this printer will appear. When you
click the printer you get a front of send labels of HC Distribution.
Magnifying glass: When you click the magnifying glass the order will open and the order details will
appear. In previously indicated statuses you can make changes in the products and address.