Manage Returns

Return or RMA (return merchandise authorization) are products which returned from your customer
after shipping the original order. There are different reasons for shipments to return. For example the
shipment could not be delivered, the customer refused the delivery, there is a problem with the
product (defect or wrong product).

RMA number: This is a number created by our system for a registered return. This number must be
noted on the outside of the shipment. If a return is not registered or linked to a registered
RMA(number is missing) our warehouse will create a new return. Please note that there are extra
costs attached to not registered returns!

Date: The date of creating the return registration.
Reference: The reference from the original order from your shop.
Customer reference: The additional reference from the original order from your shop.
Original e-number: The number from the original shipment.
Status: The status which our warehouse will see when they open the registered return or give after
receiving and handling the return.
Possible statuses are:

    - New notification: There is a new return created by you or our warehouse
    – Arrival at our warehouse: The return arrived at our warehouse
    – Processed and returned to stock: There is no issue with the return and will be placed back on stock
    – Rejected and retransmitted: The return was rejected and retransmitted to the customer
    – retransmitted: The return was checked and retransmitted(with possible adjustments)
    – processed and research: The return was checked but it is unclear if the product can be back
    on stock. Reason can be light damaged products or not the original packing

Reason: The reason the shipment was returned.
Track: You can open the return by clicking the magnifying glass to see the total return.