New return

When your customer reports a return to you it’s necessary to create a return in e-warehouse. We
know what to expect and the reason for returning. In case of refused shipments or the shipment could
not be delivered you are not aware of the return. In that case you cannot create a return. It is important
for you to inform your customers about how to act in case of a return.

Unknown return with reference: This can be returns which where not originally send by our
warehouse and have no original order in our system. This can be shipments from your previous
warehouse, shipments from your offline store, returns from amazon or If the return is known
by our system you don’t do anything in this area.
Click on the box in front of the text ‘unknown return with reference’. Put the reference of the
return(amazon return number or something to relate to the return) in the field next to the text.

Comments: Apply additional information about the return.

Return reason: Choose a reason in the drop down for the return.

Search: Apply something to search the original order with. This can be de e-number of the original
order, reference, customer reference, name or other information from the address and click on search.

Search result(s): After your clicked on search there will appear 1 or more orders below. Add the order
by clicking on the magnifying glass. You can verify if the order is connected to the return by looking at
the text above the unknown return.

What it shows if nothing is connected: selected order: 0

What it shows if something is connected: selected order: 200109524 (This shows the e-number of
the original order)
When everything is filled in correct you click on the button ‘registrate’ to make the registration official.