Register new expected inbound shipments

It is necessary to register expected inbound shipments. That’s the way for a successful processing of
the inbound shipment. If inbound shipments are not registered and this has to be done by our
warehouse you will be invoiced with additional costs!


When you register a new expected inbound shipment you need the fill in:

Expected delivery date: The date your supplier or manufacturer gives for the arrival.
Amount of pallets: Quantity of pallets expected
Amount packages: Quantity of packages expected
Shop: To which shop the expected products belong
Carrier: who does the delivery of the shipment
Add expected quantity to stock exchange: Select this when you want to create the possibility for pre orders.
Comments: Area for additional information.

Search: You can search on SKU, EAN, UPC, name or other reference.
Amount: Give in the amount that will be delivered.
Estimate?: If you don’t know the exact amount, this needs to be checked.
Method: You can chose between LIFO (last in first out) and FIFO (firs in first out).

When you have wrongly added a product, you can delete this by clicking on the red cross.
When everything is correctly filled in, you can save the inbound shipment.